I'm using the Accordion of Patterns_SilkUI. Although everything seems to work normally, I need help for the following situation:
- whenever I click on an item, I need to be visible only this one, that is, if another is already visible, it should close.
Can anyone help?

Carlos Messias

So, I just did a quick test, and the behavior you are asking for appears to be the default.

Can you please share an OML with a simple repro of the issue you're seeing?

Also, what version of the OutSystems platform and Service Studio are you using?

Hi Carlos,

How are you using the Accordion?

The pattern is:

      |_  AccordionItem 1
      |_ AccordionItem 2
      |_ AccordionItem N

If you are creating a list dynamically, usually we do like this:

      |_ List Records
             |_ AccordionItem

Also, be sure that the layout you are using for the page is one from the SilkUI or that if you are using a layout created by you, that it has the JavaScript required:


Thanks for your replies.

Please let me know if the image is enough to illustrate how I am using the accordion



What is happening is that each AccirdionItem is inside its own Accordion, so they will operate isolated. 

Put the Accordion widget Around the Table, not inside it. Than all AccordeonItems will be under the same accordion.