Im trying to make an extension that retrieves mysql select of a table into recordlist

here is screenshot of in integration studio

I have never written an extension before, so what do I need to do to pass the records from the mys statement into recordlist structure that I have created called Inventory

Welcome to the wonderful undocumented world of Integration Studio

A 'Record List' in Integration Studio is a series of containers which can lead to some pretty deep levels of references and can be a bit of a headache to get your head around.

The two most useful resources I found were:

- This forum post, which describes how record lists, structures etc all work:
- This specific lesson which has you using record lists an actually getting information in and out of them:

Those posts will hopefully help you out. I remember using these to get it working a while ago as an experiment, but I honestly can't remember exactly how. I'd love to point you towards some more useful documentation on how exactly to best use the generated code in extensions, but I honestly don't think there is any.

The nature of Record Lists means using them in Service Studio can get quite ugly (as explained by Kilean's forum post above), so my approach to extensions has been to build JSON structures in C#, pass them out as strings, then use OS's JSONDeserializer in Service Studio to get my data into nicer list formats than Integration Studio can provide.

Thanks. It has been awhile since I touch C#. I hope I can learn and code it before my deadline ><