Clone forge component


I would like to know how to make to clone one forge component.

Can somebody help me?


André Luiz

Hi Andre,

Can you let us know what you want to achieve? You can clone espaces by opening them in Service Studio and selecting the Clone option:

Hi Afonso,

I need to get one component from forge and modify it locally in my machine. How can I to do this?


André Luiz 

You would go to the Forge page and find your extension. For the sake of our example, let's say XML Records:

You press the download button, and you will receive an Outsystems Application file (.OAP) that you can double click and open in Service Studio.

Some Forge components will also allow you to directly install into your environment with just a click if you have Outsystems 10 or 11:

All you need to do is click the Install button and Service Studio will load the component for you, and you can do your changes and publish in your environment.