I was searching in the forums a way to have an input that receive a Date type variable, with the Date on blank when i enter in the Screen and i found this: data-blank-field = True on the Extended Properties of the input. I tried to apply it but didn´t work. 

I am using a Date Picker for a input.

Am I doing anything wrong?

Pedro Santos

Hi Pedro Santos,

Not sure if I understood your question, but my guess it's that you just need to put the value "#1900-01-01#" in the Null Value property of your input. 


Please use NullDate() instead of #1900-01-01#!

Hi everybody,

Sorry, i explained badly. 

I have this screen and when i enter i have already the dates displayed in the inputs. I want the inputs in blank.

Thank you,

Pedro Santos

Hi Pedro,

If you have already dates in there, that means that you have already assigned a value to the Variables bound to the Input Widgets. Check what Variables are used for those Inputs, and check where they are assigned a value.

Hi Pedro,

There is a session variable "Session.DateStart" bound to your DateStart input. 

Like Kilian says, check to see where you assign the value to that session variable as it will hold the value assigned to it throughout the session. You need to decide when is the right moment to clear the variable by assinging NullDate() to it. 

Additionally, like Samuel says, in order to have a blank input you also need to set the Null Value property of your input with NullDate().



I would start by asking why are you using a Session variable if you want to have a blank date when you enter the screen... :)