[NFC Plugin] 'New Tag scanned' on specific device

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Published on 21 Apr by Experts
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Published on 21 Apr by Experts


I'm building an Android mobile application using NFC Plugin to read a NFC tag.

In my device - Nokia 6 and Sony Xperia, it works.

But somehow, in Samsung device like Galaxy Tab, S10, and Note 9, when tag read by my app, it open another app - could be default app for NFC for Samsung - with name "New Tag Scanned" and my data in it.

Is there any way to change this behaviour in Samsung? Because i need to store the data read in my app for further need. Samsung Galaxy tab is the device that will be used for this app.

I've read some forum about this, this behaviour caused by intent filter after NFC tag read. And in this plugin i saw a js (phonegap-nfc.js) there's a method to handle this, but looks like it doesn't work.

All of device i used is in Android 9 Version.
I'm using NFC tools to inject data (text/plain) to my tag (NXP MIFARE Ultralight).



The problem is solved.

I've add extensibility configurations to the plugin in my app too, not just in referenced web block plugin.
So, in start up of app, if needed (any pop up showing), grant all permission.