[Firebase Mobile] Compile Error

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Published on 4 Nov (3 weeks ago) by David Sousa
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Published on 4 Nov (3 weeks ago) by David Sousa

We have an application that used the Fabric plugin for analytics data.  This year google is planning on getting rid of Fabric and move over to firebase for this.  I have removed the Fabric plugin from our app and replaced it with your Firebase plugin.  I believe everything is configured according to your documentation but my apps will not build.  Outsystems support was able to supply me with the following error message that was being thrown by the compiler.  Mismatched configuration: Fabric entry found in app's Info.plist, but no API Key provided to the run script. If this app was set up in Fabric or linked to Firebase, pass your API key to the run script as the first argument. If this app was onboarded via Firebase, remove the Fabric entry in your Info.plist

based on the error message it sounds like there is still some old information in the plist file even though the plugin was deleted?  Have you seen this before or know of a solution?



Hey Jason,

I haven't yet encountered this error. In order to troubleshoot the issue, can you please share some of the build details, such as:

  • Plugins you're using
  • Build logs
  • MABS version

I assume the error is for the iOS build since it mentions plist files. Is the Android build compiling successfully?




The problem ended up being that there was a reference to the Fabric Plugin also in the app.  I thought that I had removed all the references but it was being used in another espace that was being referenced.  Having both Fabric and Firebase will cause the issue I was experiencing.  

thank you for replying so quickly.