[Stagings] Install problem in LifeTime with Platform Server 10.0.1010.0

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Published on 2018-04-27 by Daniel Martins
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Published on 2018-04-27 by Daniel Martins


We have an environment still in version 10.

We just requested the update of our LifeTime environment to the most recent version 10.0.1010.0 of the Platform Server, which has a fix for the bug (fixed in 10.0.1001.0):

  • The information on the available database storage for cloud environments is now showing correctly. (RPD-3432)

Now I'm having a problem publishing in the LifeTime environment the plugin application Stagings v1.2.1 for O10.

The problem seems to be that in this version 10.0.1010.0 of the Platform Server, the system module LifeTimeCore seems NOT to be possible to reference anymore.

This causes broken references in the module LifeTimeSDK_Extended.

Can anyone confirm this situation with LifeTime, Platform Server 10.0.1010.0?


--Tiago Bernardo


Hi Tiago,

That is correct, you won't be able to open and refresh the LifeTimeSDK_Extended manually due to that references that are not anymore possible to make. Nevertheless, you are able to download the latest .oap and upload and publish directly in your environment using ServiceCenter, in that case you won't face any issue and component can be installed and used accordingly.

Please let me know you feedback regarding this matter,

Best regards,

Daniel Martins