[Properties Services] Version 2.0.0, problem of broken references in LifeTime, Platform Server

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Published on 16 Jul by Carlos Alfaro
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Published on 16 Jul by Carlos Alfaro


Stable Version 2.0.0 (O11) of this "Properties Management" component is still hot as it has just been released (2 days ago).

Thanks! We've been waiting for this for quite some time.

But, I'm having a problem using this component in LifeTime, Platform Server version

The problem seems to be that in this version of the Platform Server, the system module LifeTimeCore seems NOT to be possible to reference anymore for entities "Environment" and "EnvironmentToken".

This causes problems in the module PropertiesCore, when you update references using Service Studio.

Notice that if we just republish this module in Service Center, no broken references error happens. We only detected that something is not correct when we try to deploy the application to another environment, DEV --> TST, for example, because the deployment is validated with errors.

Can anyone confirm this situation with LifeTime, Platform Server

Also, for the extension OMLProcessor, the same problem of broken references exists for the structures DateTime and Text2, being consumed in module PropertiesServices, but this is easy to solve by just replacing the usage of those, now, missing structures by other identical structures.

Thanks for the attention!

--Tiago Bernardo