Hi all,

I have a general question about OutSystems.

OutSystems is generally used for enterprise applications, but can it also be used to build a website? 

What are my options if I would like to build a website with a platform for users for personal use / setting up a business? Because, pricing-wise I would at least need a enterprise edition which is a bit to expensive.

Maybe a long-shot, but maybe there are other options that somebody in this community has already explored?

Kind Regards,

It's perfectly feasible to use Outsystems to create and manage a more static set of pages (I believe the Outsystems.com pages were or are built with Outsystems itself), it's just that some features of the platform might be overkill in those cases.

If you're thinking about specific licenses and what size you'll require, you'd do well to contact Outsystems Support directly, but if you want to have an idea of the dimensions of what you're building, you could either do a mental estimate following these guidelines:


Or building a prototype of your website in your Personal Area and visiting this page to get a more accurate count: