Want to make my mobile app to session time out based on the configuration done at "Max Idle time" under "Session Login Settings" in Service Center (which is set to 30 minutes). 

I have tried multiple scenarios to make session time out happen with no success. 

All values are default values as per the link https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/10/Managing_the_Applications_Lifecycle/Secure_the_Applications/Configure_Mobile_App_Authentication#configure-mobile-app-authentication-settings

I played around with mix and match of the below:-

  • "Remember login" as true/false
  • Keeping the mobile app inactive for hours
  • Performing screen navigation after an hour of inactivity on mobile app
  • Writing a record to an entity on server DB after an hour of inactivity on mobile app

Basically, after successful login when the user will auto-logout and will be shown the login screen again, based on the default cookie settings?



If you use Persistent Login, Max Idle Time is set in Days. 

If you set the property Remember Login to False in the User Login Action, then Max Idle Time will be set in minutes. 

But the user will be forced to login only after a request to the server happens. 

Hope this helps.