Conditional Combo Boxes SetUp


I'm developing an application where if we select an option in a combo box, another combo box should display the sub categories of that option selected in the first combo box. 

This has to be done in second combo box when we tab out after selecting the first combo box.

Here when I select camp type as Recall the combo box next to it should display the types of Recall

Kindly help me in doing this.

FYI I'm attaching the model that I'm working on.

Hi Venkata,

Have a look at this tutorial by Jay Santos:

It shows you how to do it.



I tried this actually, Somehow I'm missing something either in creating the screen action or while setting the variables, that's the reason I attached my model project.

here when I select recall the next box should show the options otherwise it should not show any thing to select

Hi Venkata,

I see your still running on version 10. 

My personal environment is already upgraded to version 11, so I can't send you back your module since it will be upgraded to 11 and you won't be able to open it in Service Studio 10.

However, I can give you some pointers. First, you should reevaluate your datamodel, I'm not sure if this is the most efficient way to go about. Also, you should pay closer attention to Jay's tutorial on YouTube I sent you earlier. I basically did the same thing. Here are some screenshots:


Note that you should use the GetRecallCampaignTypesByCampaignTypeId aggregate (with CampaignType and Recall_CampaingType static entities as sources and Filter Recall_CampaignType.CampaignTypeId = CampaignTypeId) to feed the RecallCombox on your screen. And local variables CampaignTypeId and Recall_CampaignTypeId are bound to both Comboboxes.


Note that the RecallComboEnabled boolean variable is used to Enable/Disable the ComboBox widget.

OnChange action (Set as destination of RecallComboBox widget):

Set the RecallComboEnabled variable based on whether or not the Refresh Data widget returns and Empty list.

This should basically do the trick. Remember that you should assign the local variables CampaignTypeId and Recall_CampaignTypeId (who are bound to your comboboxes) to your Form.Record before the CreateOrUpdate in your save action.

Hope this helps!