On iOS, it seems the floating content has an issue with keeping up with the user scrolling. 

See video here: video

This behavior doesn't happen on Android (tested on Pixel 2 & 3XL). 

The iPhone in the video is a iPhone 7 with iOS 12.3.1 installed.

More information, please.

Is this a web or mobile app?

What version of OutSystems platform are you on?

Can you share a small OML file that reproduces the issue?

This is a mobile app on an iPhone 7 running iOS 12.3.1.

This application was built on the latest Outsystems software.

I'll work on building a oml to emulate the issue.

Hello Jason Matti,

I just found a solution but not sure this is the right solution as you want or not?
In ios system, I fixed the main content not to scroll up or down and create my scroll container in fix main content again.