Index 1 out of range error occurs

Hi all,

In the above picture is used inside the popup screen in outsystems web.

I have used a static entity for a combo box. If i select a particular value and enter the value in the search field and then i click the search button the filtering occurs as per requirement but if i didn't enter any value in search text box and when i pressed enter the following error displays "Index 1 out of Range".

Need solution ASAP.


You need to provide more information.

What version of OutSystems platform are you using? What version of Service Studio?

Ideally, if you can share a small OML that reproduces the issue, it would be a lot easier for folks to help you.


In your filter  you need to to verify if a value have been chosen in the combo.

 if no value have been chosen , the filter must probably be  diferent.



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