XY Scatterplot with multiple X-Values

Hello All,

After going through the web development course, I'm trying to get my first application up and running; my goal to be a simple app that takes some seed data and generates fractals on an XY plane (a concept called Chaos games).  

The Charts API that Outsystems comes with does not have a scatterplot, so I've attempted working with an API from the Forge called MoreCharts.  From what I can tell however, even this scatterplot only treats the x-axis as labels for values; I couldn't pass in the data points (0,0) and (0,4) and have the two points on top of one another.

I have to think that desired functionality is desired enough that a solution already exists.  Has anyone seen an existing API with this capability or have any suggestions on how this could be achieved with Charts or MoreCharts?

Thanks in advance


Hi Heath,

The OutSystems Charts are based on Highcharts, so you can create a scatterplot by adding the right JSON to the Advanced Format of the Chart. Check the Highcharts API and/or the examples to see what you need to add exactly.


FYI.  Highcharts API is now deprecated and has an older version on Fusion Charts.

Hi Rebecca,

I'm not sure what you mean by this, can you elaborate?