[Datepicker] How to implement multi select Data picker in Ousystem10 web?

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Published on 2014-11-17 by Hugo Pinheiro
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Published on 2014-11-17 by Hugo Pinheiro

Hello Folks,

Is there a way to implement multi select data picker in outsystems web as you can see below?



Hi Viru 7,

You can use the EventsList on DatePicker AdvancedFormat properties.

And in the OnSelect handler action to Append the selectedDate on the list.

In the Silk UI DatePicker (OutSystems 10), the EventList is a string and there isn't OnSelect event handler, so you'll need to use the OnChange event from the Input to concatenate the selected dates to this EventList string, like this:


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EventList = if(EventList = NullTextIdentifier(), Date,EventList + "," + Date)

I hope this help you!

Best Regards,