[VisaAPI] Cannot access the certificate resource

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Published on 1 Jul by Hanno
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Published on 1 Jul by Hanno


I tried to replace your certificate to mine but I got this error:

"Could not access resource 'Certs\cert.p12'. Make sure the referenced resource is not outdated."

The resource is set to deploy to target directory and I cannot get it's contents.

Is there any trick to be able to do it?

Hi William

I had no issue changing the resource.

Have you perhaps done anything other than Right click-> change resource?

Sometimes a redeploy sorts it out as well?


I see that my resource is set to "Do Nothing" on deploy.

Yes, I just changed the resource.

Also I have tried the deploy to target directory but I did not work as well.

I'm wondering if it could be something regarding my infrastructure of the personal environment.

Can you delete and try to reinstall the component in your PE?

I have been able to use it in PE and Enterprise environments in the past week...

I did already, it didn't work.

I will try to install it on my enterprise one.

I tried and it did not work too.

If I send you privately my sandbox certificate and my credentials, can you try it there?


I've sent you a private message asking to which e-mail should I send it. As it is my credentials for Visa API I don't want to share it here.

Sure, I understand. I have replied.