Consuming REST API method exposed in a VPN


 I want to consume a REST API method which I can access trough a VPN. 

 I can consume that REST API with POSTMAN with a VPN connection stablished previously but, 

under the same conditions, outsystems studio can't let me consume the method. When I work with the 'consume REST API' wizard and configure the endpoint URL, authentication parameters,.... with the same values as in POSTMAN, if I click on the test button I find as a result:

 Internal Server Error.The remote name could not be resolved: <the DNS domain of the server>

The VPN server provides the connection and the DNS configuration for that connection.

It's there a way to establish a VPN connection from my outsystems environment  and a third party environment for consuming a REST API?

Thanks in advance.

Are you using self-hosted Outsystems or the PaaS offering?

When you try with postman you are connecting from your local PC via the VPN to the server. When consuming the API in Outsystems you are connecting from the Outsystems front end server to the API so you will need a VPN connection between the Outsystems server and the endpoint.

If you are self-hosting Outsystems then you need to setup the VPN yourself. If you are using the PaaS option, then you will need to contact support. 

Outsystems do offer a VPN endpoint on their PaaS offering however I think that is an incoming VPN provided for their platform that you can connect to. I do not know if they will be able to setup a VPN connection to a third parties VPN but you will need to contact Outsystems support to find you.

Than You John, 

 Finally we could deploy a proxy in a public IP with access to that inner endpoints and it worked.