I am trying to implement text notification which scrolls on the header of the page. For Example: "Upcoming Downtime is XXX" has to be repeatedly scroll/animate from left to right in the header of page. 

I have a created a web block with simple expression which contains the text I want to display. This web block is in the header of my HOME page. Now I am facing challenge in animating/scrolling (left to right) this text repeatedly in the page.

I have tried the below 

     1. Created  Animate widget, configured the Enter Animation, Leave animation and speed. This option             is animating only on the first load of the page. But I want the animation to be continuous in the page. 

            Example : The Text "Upcoming downtime XXXX" has to be animated from left to right in the page                header repeatedly(not one time on the page load.)

  2. Tried in customizing CSS to have the scroll code.

Neither of the above worked. Can some one please help me on this.



What you're trying to create is called marquee, and used to be fairly popular in the 90s. It has since fallen out of use, because it easily distracts users. but if you still want to use it, check these examples that accomplish that effect with CSS: https://www.quackit.com/css/codes/marquees/