Platform OS11, cloud environment

Hey guys good day would be asking for your help. Currently we have an issue where generating a PDF is taking slower for a certain URL. They are both on the Production environment but have 2 different URLs. One is a direct link and the other is going through Akamai. Need to know if there is a difference between GetURL() and GetBookmarkableURL() or if going through Akamai affect HtmlToPdfConverter? 

As we are using GetBookmarkableURL() this post says that it returns the server on the request to build the URL

Are you using GetURL() along with Akamai? 

Hi there Swatantra actually we are using GetBookmarkableURL() with Akamai, I'm not sure if during generation it points to the direct link or is it slow because it is going through Akamai? Since we didn't had problems with the PDF generation from Dev, Tst and the direct Prod link.

Our main concern is identifying if the problem is with the URL being generated in Production or it has something to do with Akamai?