Updating Table Record Widget After API Call

I have a table record widget whose source record list is an aggregate list that is populated by an API call.  On the page are two inputs where dates can be put in and change the parameters of the API call, and I want that call to update the data in the table record widget.

In debug mode, I can see that the API call is successful; I can see the source record list is being appended with the new records like you would expect; everything looks exactly like I expect right up to the very end; but the table record widget does not display the updated data.

I have used various combinations of ajax refreshes, order of operations, etc. but nothing seems to work.  Does anyone have any ideas about why this does not work?  I am completely out of ideas. Attached is a screenshot of the action to submit the new API call.

Hi dear Heath Vincent,

There are no attach here on your post, but verify if you are assign the variable with the right API result.

My sample API GetCEP return only one structure, so I have created a list, append the API result and so call a Ajax Refresh.

I'm calling the API in the Preparation action and a Screen Action, take a look in the oap attached.


You can use the follow values to use the GetCEp API?