Performing both OAUTH and Basis Auth for API


I have exposed an API in outsystem with basic auth. But now, I want to implement OAuth as well

The requirement is, If a user wants to perform Basic, they can choose Basic auth otherwise they can go ahead with OAuth.

If I choose OAuth, I don't need to give Basic Authorization(username & password). But OnAuthentication method will always expect username and password.

I tried myself to achieve this one. So, I selected Oauth, then I have given only a Bearer Token. Afterward, I tried to hit that API with Debugger. But debugger itself not triggered. 

kindly help me to resolve this issue...



Have you looked at this forge component?   does it help?

Hi @divya v

If you selected only Oauth, then no needs to send user name and password ? its just needs token, you need to send this through a header, here I am attaching some of the screenshots it may be helpful for, in my project I achieved the same, if you need more information please let me known?

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Hi Divia,

this is exactly what my Forge component is made for:

If you follow the instructions/tutorial you will be able to create api's and/or screens that can be used with all kind of identity-management. In that way it's possible to call the same api/screen with either (Oauth, JWT or other) token identification or basic-authentication.

By definition it's not possible to use a combination of basic-authentication and token-identification at the same call, because they both use the header variable 'Authorization'. If you need a combination of both in the same call, you have to introduce another header-variable (e.g. Authorization2nd) that contains a second authorization-header-variable.

Kind regards,
Eric Slikker