[Drag-n-drop Sortable List] NotifyGetMessage is empty

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Published on 2018-10-23 by Armando Gomes
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Published on 2018-10-23 by Armando Gomes

I'm using v10 with a table and I've tried on a couple of modules and each time the NotifyGetMessage on the Sortable OnNotify returns only "nid=".  Any ideas why?

Hey Sienna,

Are you setting the values for the nid parameter?


Ok I've found out what's going on but thought I'd leave the question here for anyone else with the same problem....

If you're using a Table then see the Row extended property (nid = "item_" + SortableTable.List.Current.Sortable.Id).

If you're using a List then see the Container extended property (nid = "item_" + SortableLR.List.Current.Sortable.Id).