Communication Error on Creating New Application

Every time I try to create a new application, I get an error saying that there was an error contacting my server. From 'More Information', I can see "The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized."

Except, I'm able to connect to my server and see all my applications before I create a new application.

If I try proceeding, there are no templates available. If I hit 'Get more...' and download a new template, it doesn't show up in the available templates even though the Forge says it's installed.

This has completed halted my productivity. Please advise


Hi Raghav Verma,

Are you using more than one account in OutSystems? Could it be the case that you are trying to do an action in an environment that was previously open, while you are authenticated in another one?

No, I am only using one account. Could it be that this has something to do with proxy settings?


I have the same problem in my personal... I created a support case on July 1st and I did not get an answer.. I know people with the same problem..


I believe the problem is due to my work network's restrictions, since it works fine when I access my home network.


I experienced the same issue when trying to create new applications on my personal environment while connected to my work network. The workaround is unfortunately to create your projects while connected to a less restricted network, once created there are no issues with publishing projects to the personal environment.

This issue arose after upgrading from 11.0.4xx to 11.0.522, so something has changed between those two versions that causes this issue to happen.

I have reported this to our Outsystems contact, but haven't heard anything back so far...