Is there a way to enable an audit trail for Sql Server on a Cloud environment?

By audit trail - I mean accessing changes to database records (i.e. 'Country changed from x to y').

I've already taken a look at this forge module, however the notice on the bottom is quite worrying and I'd rather find a better solution.

I've already taken a look at some OutSystems documentation, but unfortunately that doesn't match our requirement either.



Hi Arzoo, the component you've linked, Human Readable Change History, is likely the best option you'll have if you want a plug'n'play solution.

Regarding the disclaimer you see in the component's page, it will only become an issue if you update the platform version on your server without testing it. And most likely a major release version upgrade, like from 10 to 11. I have used the component on a project that has been upgraded from 9.1 to 10, and we've faced no issue with it.