How to debug errors while sending emails


  We've migrated email server recently.

  I'm using the Service Center > Monitoring > Email tab to check the status of queued emails and the emails are there as Pending.

  Does the platform retry sending them? If so and there are still errors sending the emails where can I see them?

  Thanks and regards,

  Tiago Dias

Hi Tiago

Any errors will appear in the same Email tab. You can filter it by Errors.

Also, OutSystems tries to resend emails for a period of 2 days ( Unfortunately at the moment there is no way to change that value.

Hello Ossama,

  Thanks, unfortunately I don't see any errors in the Email tab, just pending emails. I think in our case we have the OutSystems Scheduller Service stopped or something like that, I'm checking that with Production Operations.

  As for the 2 days of retries thanks for the heads-up, I'll try to work around that by changing the email date to something under 2 days in the OSSYS_EMAIL table. We have emails pending since Saturday that need to be sent.

  Thanks for your help.

  I'll try to post followup so someone else with the same questions may benefit from this.

All is now recovered for us.

Basically the OutSystems Scheduller Service was using an account for which the password was changed but not updated in the Windows Service credentials.

Once that was corrected the emails started being Sent, without the 2 days limit as it was the first try for all the Pending emails.

This also explains why we didn't see errors in Service Center > Monitoring > Email.