Integrating HighCharts API with Mobile app

I'm currently building a mobile app and would like to integrate the HighCharts library to use some of charts that are unavailable from the default Charts Mobile Outsystems library. I would like to know if its possible to take a web API and use it in a mobile environment and if so, how would one go about doing that. I've currently downloaded the HighCharts library to my computer but I'm not sure of how to proceed with integrating it in my app. 

I'm quite new to Outsystems and would appreciate some help with this.


Hi Kazymir,

There are no charts "unavailable" as such. You can take one of the basic charts, and modify it via the proper JSON. I would advise against creating an own implementation of Highcharts, if your only concern is that some types seem not supported.


Kilian is right! I also advise against creating new components for something that is already available, even through customization, on Forge.

HighCharts lib is natively responsive, so you can expect no issues with presenting your charts on a mobile app.

Take a look at the component's documentation on Forge and at Highcharts homepage as well,, in order to understand how to work with advanced settings through JSON structures.

Let us know the results..