Ios p12 certificate is just for one app?


I have created the builds for my IOS app and everything is working fine. Now I need to create the builds to another ios app and I no longer have distribution certificates, does anyone know if I can use one P12 certificate to all the apps of my environment or I have to create one for each app?

Hi Rita

If you have the .p12, the provisioning profile, its password, and the app id, in theory you could generate the second app with the same parameters as the first one, however as the certificate is linked to a unique app identifier, you won't be able to install both apps on the same device, and you will definitely not be able to upload them to the app store.




Only the provisioning profile is linked to an app identifier, the (.p12) certificate doesn't have any app information therefore that wouldn't be a problem. My only concern is that when you create a provisioning profile you associate it to a (.cer) certificate, and if I have several provisioning profiles with the same (.cer) will it work?