Microsoft Graph Connector - Foreign module error

I think that there is some mistake. :)

When I try to publish the demo module I receive the message: Foreign Module Error - Your OutSystems subscription only allows publishing modules developed in your environment, or downloaded from the OutSystems Forge. To share this module with the community, upload it at

Hi Luciano,

Did you download directly from the Forge into the Environment where you try to publish it or, did you download the module, imported in another environment and then in the environment where you get the error message?



Hi Luciano,

In the future, I'd post a topic like this on the Support forum for the Forge component directly, the team developing it will be immediately notified and you may have answers sooner.

That message typically happens when you try to install in a Personal Environment modules/applications built in any another environment (it's possible it also displays on Enterprise Environments, cannot remember the exact wording on them).

If the demo module came from the forge, then I'd say that's a bug of the Forge, otherwise, your problem is likely what Daniël mentioned.

Edit: I just installed both the component and demo module (along with its dependencies) on a Personal Environment and had no issues with it. Doesn't seem to be a Forge issue. In your place, I'd try to install the demo module directly from the Forge download.


   unfortunately your answers entered in my spam area.  I am so sorry to answer now.  

Daniel, I think doesn't matter if it came directly or I downloaded it.  It is the first time I have this kind of problem. I uploaded the code to forge and downloaded the code again to solve the problem.

Thank you so much for your support guys.