In your opinion, what are the limits of the Outsystems platform?

I am referring more precisely to what kind of applications you would not suggest using the platform to develop

The limit is our collective imagination !

Hi Jhonatan,

sorry, I know this is intended as a serious question, but on a friday night, there can be some room for slightly off topic comments ;-)  And it's not entirely unfounded, the Outsystems platform and community are still growing and sharing, so let's keep the ideas coming.

Hi Jhonatan,

I will give some examples of applications that I wouldn't use Outsystems:

  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Applications based on complex algorithms
  • Business Intelligence
  • Applications that need to consume really low resources for example the ones used in satellites that still use C

And these are the ones of the top of my mine. For sure there is a couple more. But because Outsystems knows that there are things that are better done with other technologies it focus so much in having easy integrations with other systems.

The main technology off my projects is always Outsystems but I always end up on integrating with other applications like blockchain, storage, power BI. etc.

Hope this is the answer you were looking for.



Hi Jhonatan,

For Games, real time apps (eg stock trading)  OutSystems would not be the first choice.