[Microsoft Graph Connector] 404 - File or directory not found
Forge component by Daniel Filipe

I am trying to run this forge component. After configuring in Azure I receive the error message 404 - File or directory not found.  I checked and there is no callback available in MicrosoftGraphSample.

I am adding the screens to use as reference to see where is my problem.

Someone can help me ?

Hello Luciano,

The 404 can come from any on of the service calls.

Did you configure all the site properties needed ? 

What do the platform logs tell you ? 

Best Regards,

Miguel Amado

Hi Miguel,

    after solving the problems of configuration there is no error in the log. The configuration and access to Microsoft is configured and it seems it worked well. The problem is after authentication.  I added the MicrosoftLoginConnector/Callback.aspx and checked that the callback is there, but for some reason OS says that there is not this url... weird.

Follow the log.  Any idea ?


Best regards

Luciano Schiavo

After debugging I realized that the problem could be the size of parameters delivered by Azure.  When I cut part of the code parameter the page hits the callback and follow the flow.  Someone knows how to solve this ?  Below an adjusted url to give an idea of the size of parameter transferred.


Hello Luciano,

That's very strange.How many permissions are you giving in Azure? 

I think that the size of the token replied by Azure can be dependent on the number of permission associated to the access token ( Permissions to use outllook, calendar, graph, one drive and so on ).


Hi Miguel,

    I only requested the ones below

Hi All,

I'm having the same problem. Code parameter is too big in Azure response.

Anyone already what causes this ?

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Ricardo Pereira


Same problem here. Did anyone solve this? 



I have the same problem. Did anyone solve this?


Pier Paolo

I also happen to have this issue with some people. I'll try to look into it tomorrow and see if I can find the reason. 

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