How to make an equation and logic to print random Id's

Hello everyone

I would like to know how to print certain amount of Id's using an equation that will multiply a (COUNT Attribute with a Percentage variable) and be divided by 100 since the equation is for a total percentage, plus that total has to print the result in ID's since the COUNT attribute is for the ID's. If I do a group by of the ID's attribute and the COUNT attribute, the aggregate will lose the complete count, because the ID's are unique.

Is there a Logic and/or equation that can do it?

Hi Michael,

I don't understand what you want to achieve. What would the final result look like? Can you give an example?

Hello Kilian

The final result should be a list of IDs of the total of the equation. The function of the web screen is to do a Sample Interest function that will multiply an amount of IDs (COUNT Attribute) with a percentage that the user will apply (QualityNullDateCount * (Percentage/100)). The total should print a list of IDs instead of a total number.

Michael -

1. Make a screen asking the user for the percentage that you want.

2. Make an Aggregate (let's call it "GetRecords" in this example) querying the record with whatever filter is needed.

3. Use the GetRecords.Count to get the count of the records to use in your formula.

4. Use the GetRecords.List to populate your table to show the records on the screen.