Hi, as the title says, I want to be able to manage IT Users inside an aplication, without using the LifeTime (as my enviroment does not have it).

I am aware that the LifeTime has WebServices to manage the ITUsers via the UserManagementService API. But I only have Service Studio.

I was able to set the application user provider to ServiceCenter and create an user there (also managing the developer and user_developer tables). But the created user does not pass on the User_Login action provided by the Users server action and neither log in the enviroment using the credentials.

Are you in a Personal Environment?

I'm in my company Environment. And I also have full access.


I have managed to solve it.
It is not enought to create a User, you need to create a developer and add roles to it.

I will attach the oml with two functions, one to create and another to delete.