[Google Maps] This page can't load Google Maps correctly.

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Published on 2019-08-06 by Labs
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Published on 2019-08-06 by Labs

Hii team,

I created an API Key on the google developer console. And I enable all the features related to maps. I generated the API Key. But with this API Key I am only able to load the google map only once. And once I refresh the page, I am getting the errorThis page can't load Google Maps correctly. Can anyone help me in resolving  the solution.

Thanks and Regards,

Sushmita Thote

Hi Sushmita

Check the page for any errors, using developer tools (F12 in Chrome), when viewing in your browser.

The only other possibility I can think of right now is that the API key gets "unset" somehow...

Sushmita, did you manage to solve your issue with the map loading?

You can only load google maps only once a day because Google free account now only allowed daily limit of 1 call.

You need to setup billing account, or just ditch google maps.

Google no longer friendly to free-loader or student who like to learn.