[Table Column Toggle] please check and let me know why it is not working properly

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Published on 2019-07-01 by Justin Babel
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Published on 2019-07-01 by Justin Babel

Please check the File and let me know the solution. so it should work properly 


Yep. If you complete Step 5, it works as per the attached.


Thank you. It is working but there is an issue. Pop up is not opening as a popup. It is showing Just below the Table.

Please check it. It is coming below the Table. Waiting for your reply @Hanno.

Hi Hanno,

I hope it is there with the component I hope so as it is coming through the component. as pop is screen comes from the component. I know how to add pop up. but for these apps, where is the popup window destination window. Please check and let me know please..

Hi Sudip,

Looking to the screenshot you shared it seems you're not using an OutSystems UI based theme.

Toggle Column component was built based on OS UI, the scripts/CSS for the modal/plugin come from that base theme, in the case you're not using it, the scripts and CSS for the widgets may not be loaded, causing what we see on the image.

Can you confirm if that's what's happening? 

Also, you can validate the demo that comes with the plugin and see what is different on your code from what the creator did. 

Kind Regards,

João Pêgas.

Thank you for your reply. The pop up is coming though there are no column fields to select. Also, I just install the Demo file of it and that is also not working here. Please check the Screen as an attachment and let me know whats are the issues.

Waiting for your reply,

Thank you,


Please check the file and let me know what is wrong over there. Waiting for response. 

Thank you,


It works perfectly for me without any modification required.

I hope there are some sessions issues in my PC. As it is not shut down the last few weeks. Let me check it now. 

Yes, I hope it is the issues of the sessions. Thank to both of you.