I need some help here.

I would like to know if Outsystems allows faster Automation delivery for Mobile Apps on Android, iOS as compared to other popular Tools like an Appium etc..

When I say, faster Automation Delivery I mean everything, like Framework Designing, Scripting, Maintenance, Extent of Robust Nature, Reporting, Deployment etc

Can someone share valuable inputs here. This will be a great help for me..

Hi Amit,

Maybe this like can give you the answers you are looking for https://www.itcentralstation.com/products/comparisons/appium_vs_outsystems



Not sure that there's a comparison here.

Appium is a test automation framework.

OutSystems is a development platform for Web and Mobile apps.

While there may be some small overlap in terms of things you can do, they're not made for the same purpose, so I'm not sure how you can compare them.

Perhaps if you could share some specific use cases you want/need to support?

Hi G. Andrew Duthie, how are you?

I really like a tool called Katalon she is very interested in mobile and web automotive.

I think the original poster meant "Appian" not "Appium". Appian is most definitely a competitor to OutSystems.