[CKEditor] upload of image and click on link with CKEditor 4
Forge component by Matthias Preuter
Published on 25 Aug 2020

When I insert a printscreen in the CKE a message shows that the upload was successful.  However, I don't know how to save the image.   I would like to click in the links I insert on it too.  In summary, I want to do the same thing that I am doing now in this forum, leave a message, upload an attachement, insert a  picture and a link that someone could click after publishing it. Someone could give me some tip ?

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Hello Luciano.

I never had any problem with uploading the image, nor creating links with CKEditor. Are you using the latest version?

By default, the picture is stored in an entity inside the CKEditor module. And you can create a link by using the "link" tool, which you can see on your screenshot (it's the 3rd tool from right to left).

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Hello Leonardo, how are you doing ?

You will not believe but if I put the image and save the screen, the image will not appear.  However, if after inserting the image I put a space or any other letter (for instance), the CKEditor will save the image. 

It was painful realize this problem in a practice.  But thank you for your feedback. It helped me a lot.

Someone know how can I fix this issue ?

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Are you pasting the image? From my experience, drag & drop works better on CK Editor 4.

I've been planning to upgrade to CK Editor 5, which has a better image experience, but it doesn't support internet explorer so I'm not sure if it would be helpful to you.

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Hi Leonardo.

Yes, I am pasting it.  I need to be careful to add at least a space to save it in the system.

To be sincere I didn't like the absence of automatic resizing when there is a paste but at least it is working.

Thank your for helping me Leonardo.

Have a nice day!

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Dear @Luciano Schiave

I am having your same problem
Has your problem been resolved yet?
If it's ok, can you tell me how to handle it?