Upload file with ajax submit

Hi, I am using ajax submit multiple file in my app and I can not submit file. Anyone can help me with this? Thank you. 

Hi Chung,

     Can you explain your issue in detail? Are you using the upload widget's upload button action as ajax submit?



Hi Gowtham,

Below is my workflow:

  • I am using step wizard build form:
    • Step 1: User information (choose image for profile - can crop image)
    • Step 2: Company Information (choose an image for a company logo)
    • Step 3: submit and save to database
  • I can not submit information and file to the system.

Can you help me create a sample application?

I am using outsystem 11.


Chung Lam


Hi Chung Lam,

As mentioned here, while using the Upload Widget you need to use method Submit.

HI Chung_Lam

You have to use a Submit action, but you can do something els to use a "Ajax refresh"

If you place the upload function in a Web block, you can use an Event action to tricker an ajax refresh action on your page. 

I hope this will fix your problem.

File upload works only when the method is submit. But here is an idea - This is some thing slimier to "Erwin Edel"

I am attaching one oml for reference. There are two entities - 1. GeneralInfo 2. FileInformation

FileInformation entity keeps the information of the file uploaded and GeneralInfo holds the Fileinformation Identifier.

Now there is one webblock where file upload functionality is written and one event is fired after the uploading of the file which actually returns the FileInformationId and Filename.

Now in the main Webscreen this webblock is placed and the event is handled. So when you upload one file, you will get the File Id and name. 

Save the from where u can see that the button method is "Ajax Submit".




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