I've a List Box widget with Multiple selection connected to a Web Patterns Select2 widget inside a Form and for some reason which I cannot understand I'm always getting this Javascript error from the Outsystems Platform in the page load:

The page becomes broken. It seems to be an exception thrown by the Form's validations internal functions.

The values 2 and 5 seen in the error are the selected values in that List Box.

It might also to be a conflict in the jQuery version 1.8.3 with the oldie v10.0.302.0 Outsystems Platform I'm still using.

As possible work arounds, I've removed the Select2 widget, but the error kept happening. Then, I've removed the List Box inside the Form and the error didn't appear anymore. I really need to have it inside the Form by the UI requirements as I have related fields above and below this List Box.

I really want to understand this internal error. Does anyone have an idea why this exception is being thrown ?

Thanks for any help.


Can you share a simple OML that reproduces the issue? Might help with testing/troubleshooting.

Getting a similar error (different option values) as well but in a slightly difference context:

OutSystemUIWeb Project

   ServiceStudio ListBox Widget

   OutSystemsUIWeb.DropdownSelect Widget (this is choices.js not select2.js)

Note the failing method is from the Sizzle.js jquery plugin