Refreshing reference silently created recursion.


I've encountered for the second time situation when removed action on producer instead of rising an error "missing action" after refreshing references on consumer was replaced with the action itself creating a recursion.

We have a module M1 with public Action A1 that is consumed in module M2 in public action A2. Deleting A1 usually shows "Missing action" error after refreshing references on M2. But sometimes  on A2 in M2 action A1 gets updated action source as M2 A2 while the Name is still A1. 

Hi Mykola,

I can see this being a bug in the TrueChange healer, but only when you actually have a numerical suffix like in your example ("A1"/"A2"). And I would consider it very bad practice if you actually have that :).

Nevertheless, I would submit feedback (by using the Help menu "Submit Feedback" option) as soon as it happens, so OutSystems is aware of this bug.