ORA-01013 user request cancel of current operation

Hello All,

I have got list of records and uses  web block-A

Web block-A : preparation with 2 SQL(1 sql fetching 20 columns using joins on 5 tables and other sql a simple select statement) and this web block contains list records of another Web block-B: preparation with 1SQL

So for each record in the record list, both Web block prepartions are triggered .Does it what killing the time and causing timeouts.

if there are 10 records,web block-A prep runs for 10 times and web block -B for 10 times as well.

And this is working fine in Dev and test and causing ORA-01013 error in prod

Hi Naren,

ORA-01013 is commonly caused by a timeout. See this page for an explanation https://www.dba-oracle.com/t_ora_01013_user_requested_cancel_of_current_operation.htm

Could it be possible your production query retrieves alot more information, and so is taking longer?

I would suggest

* Ensure that columns involved in the joins and where clauses have appropriate indexes,

* If possible use paging to only retrieve the page of data to display; I imagine you are already doing this though, and

* Check the execution plans for the queries, the actual plan if possible.

Also from a page load performance perspective, it would be preferable to retrieve the data required for the list in a single query rather than performing another query for each row.  However, that will likely complicate your query.

I hope this helps!

Kind regards,


Alright! Let me workout in suggested way

It is working alright from couple of years and suddenly down now and it is weird that it is working for some hours in AM and some hours after 20:00 and there is no sign of error either in dev or test environments.