DropDown - special list (attach to variable without source)

Hello, I'm trying to use a dropdown widget to give the user the ability  to select 1 of 2 options, either cash or deduction. It is inside a form and I want it to be part of the form, but I don't have a "source" for the widget, only the 2 special lists"

However, it won't let me attach it to the form because it requires a source entity or source record list. Is there any way to get around this?

Thank you!

Hi Vinicius,

Why not map this to a Static Entity, simplifying your maintenance? If you need this dropdown anywhere else, it will be easier to have the data centralized, instead of relying on special lists.

Because I would have to waste an application object for such a simple use, and it's a waste. If I had 5 other dropdowns (which I might have) then I'd spend the entire cost of my application solely on these dropdowns. 

There has to be another way. 


Hi Vinicius,

the reason it doesn't work like that, is that an option chosen from the special list, gets saved into the variable entered on the Special Variable property of the dropdown, not the Variable property.  You could bind that to the forms record field that you want to set.

Afonso is right though, you loose a lot of functionality that comes with using static entities, I am new to OS and know nothing about pricing, so is this realistic, that there is pressure from management for example to sometimes choose the less ideal or maintainable design option to save on application objects ??

And if so, how about mimicking some of the static entity advantages with structures/serveractions ??



Hello Dorine, 

It is best practice to create applications using as few A.O. as possible, and creating static entities for each drop down is a huge waste of resources. 

I hadn't noticed the special variable field, I think that this is the best solution. The reason I asked the question was for the exact reason of mimicking the functionality of static entities without having to waste resources, and the special variable/fields are exactly what I needed. 

Thank you all!

I'm glad you found an answer but I would advise you to consider Dorine's suggestion of at least centralizing your list on a server action - even if you can't resort to the shorthand that static entities allow (Entities.YourStatic.YourValue) for quick code, you can at least ensure your maintenance by keeping it in one place.

I understand the need to work around available resources but I can't agree with limiting your application and jeopardizing maintenance based on available Application Units - that's working with the hand you've been dealt, but I would not call it a best practice.