[Pin Code Mask] Bad Behavior only on IOS Mobile - Screen keeps refreshing while input the password

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Published on 2019-03-04 by Alexandre Santos
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Published on 2019-03-04 by Alexandre Santos


Only in IOS the behavior of the mask is not like we expected. When we just insert the first character, that char is not showed, but the star symbol is and then the screen is refreshed and the cursor jump to the next input. In the next inputs the char is showed for a longer time, even when we configure the time to hide the character to zero seconds, then the star symbol is showed and the screen is refreshed again. These behaviors are happening only in IOS and is giving a bad experience. Do someone knows something about this?


Hi Claiton.

Can you provide a sample with the error?


Hello Claiton,

Sorry, I would like to see the code that you have, to see what modifications you have done to the code.

I don't have an iOS available to test right now, so can you check if this behaviour you are getting, is the same on the Sample provided in the Application?