How Should I figure out this ?

I have a problem with the above error pointed by the down arrow saying "a valid expression must be set for parameter 'PersonId' .".

I'd like you to look at the red arrows in the above insert images.

Would you happen to know how to figure out this error?

I'm not sure what I should do......

Also,I have attached 'Exercise' that I'm currently working on.  

I'm having a glitch on Page 13 in the PDF file in the zip file.

I was wondering if you could elaborate on that.

Look forward to it!


Hi Tsubasa,

As the error message says, you need to supply a person id in that last parameter of the server action.  There is nothing set in this last parameter of your server action call yet. 

The reason Outsystems gives you this error is that this input parameter has been defined as mandatory on the server action.  Which is a good thing, since you really need it in order to add a valid PersonMovieRole record in the database ! (point f on page 5)

As part of your form, you probably added an element so the user can enter the person (probably a combo box where the user can select a person).  And as you point out with the arrow on the right, this person is not passed into the server action yet.  

So enter PersonMovieRoleForm.Record.PersonId there, it should be available as an option in the dropdown, but if not you can go to the expression editor and add it.

happy coding,



Hi Tsubasa,

With reference to the screenshot, there is also a warning showing unexpected data type for your first parameter. I doubt either you have passed PersonMovieRoleForm.Record.PersonId in your first parameter instead of PersonMovieRoleForm.Record.PersonRoleId. or the data type of parameter can be wrong. 

As per your screenshot you should pass PersonMovieRoleForm.Record.PersonRoleId for the first parameter and PersonMovieRoleForm.Record.PersonId for your second parameter.