On Change(input widget) vs. On Click Ajax Submit (button)

I execute a screen action from an input widget (check box) setting its On Change->Destination property to that screen action; the ajax refresh works as expected.

When I execute the same screen action but using a button and setting the on click method to ajax submit, it seems to work exactly the same.

My question is if there is a difference to consider in the implementation of each of these options, or the only difference is just the look and feel (user clicks a different widget)

Thank you very much 

Hi Henry,

The first point to consider is that using a button you have more options, like setting the type of method and validation to be performed.


Thanks Marco, Got it, Button can choose Submit, Ajax Submit and navigation methods (and validation options too). Just one more question, I read Submit is implemented as http POST but could not find about the On change destination.  Is this one implemented as an http GET?. Just to know a little bit more about what happens in terms of http. Thanks again 


Hi Henry,

The widgets with On Change do the same thing as ajax refresh. The ajax refresh does an HTTP POST.




Thanks Marcelo, that answers my questions !