Upload OSP error OraBufWriter:ReadResetResponse

Hi All,

trying to upload and publish a OSP from a DEV-environment to a TST-environment.
For the first time ever this doesn't work.

We receive the error "OraBufWriter:ReadResetResponse - Unexpected Packet received."
Does somebody here knows this error, and knows what to do?
Attached the complete error-detail.

Best regards,


This is related to failed encryption after reset. 

Jeroen, are you using oracle database?

Hi Swatantra,

yes we are using an Oracle DB....

Are you storing BLOB data? 

There is 2GB limitation on writing to BLOB columns in Oracle. Try with smaller data and check if issue persists.

The size limitations for the parameters offset and count are documented as Int32, which means they have have a 2 GB max.