Operation time out for Service Actions


What is the default time out period for Service Actions in OutSystems? Is there any way to configure the time out value?

Hi Vinay,

Default for ServiceAction is 100 seconds (if I remember correctly). But can easily checked and modified.

I recommend to checkout TimeOut settings.


Swatantra Kumar


I tried to look over the documentation, but there was nothing related to Service Actions, we have a similar case where the action timeouts after 100 seconds, and I don't know where this setting can be changed.



Hi Bogdan,

You can check the link shared by Swatantra Kumar

Timeout Setting

As it says,

In the ASP.NET version of the OutSystems Platform, this timeout event value is defined in the machine.config file under the httpRuntime section, with the parameter executionTimeout. By default, this value is not set and it will default to 100 seconds. In the OutSystems Platform's Installation Checklist document, you'll find the instructions for setting the executionTimeout for your application server. Please obtain the installation checklist for your version and application server stack in OutSystems Downloads page.

PS: We faced similar issue a while back and instead of fiddling with executionTimeout I would recommend that you again go through your business logic within the service action. If it's due to large amount of data or an SQL query timing out, try to process your data in chunks by breaking a single request to service action into multiple requests.



Hi guys,

I know it's an old post but let me add some info, for what is worth: I've checked with Outsystems (and it's stated here by the staff) and Service Actions timeout is, in fact, 100 seconds and is not editable; you can change Server Actions timeou, twidling with executionTimeout, but that won't affect Service Actions.



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