Geeting issue when creating a new user

Hi All,

I  created a  user  in  Outsystems.Then ,deleteed  the  user  in UI.

Again  when  i am creating  same  user  ,it  is  showing  user  is  exist .

Could  you  please  help  on  this .

Thank  you,

Kallol Jena

Hi Kallol,

Please make sure you are proper delete user or you are set as inactive. if set as inactive than message will show

"User already exists".

Find a screenshot for delete user

Hope this will help.

Kind Regard,


Hello Jena, 

It appears you did not delete the user via the "Delete this User" from the User edit screen. 

You may have explicitly set it inactive. 

You can verify the same from the "Inactive Users" link to confirm the above. 

Hope this helps !!!