Document Viewer: DocoNut alternative in OutSystems

Can someone suggest any Document Viewer which works for multiple file format? Like DocoNut

  • It MUST be multiple file format online document viewer control.
  • It MUST work with Desktop, Mobile
  • it MUST have cross-browser support
  • It MUST support Word (DOC, DOCX, ODT), Excel (XLS, XLSX, ODS), PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX, ODP), Pdf, TXT, RTF, XML, EML, MSG, SVG, HTML, and common image formats.
  • Nice to have: Word (ODT), Excel (ODS), PowerPoint (ODP), Visio

Hi Joao,

I checked few forge components. Most of them are only supporting pdf, doc and images, not all formats I mentioned.

"Web Previewer" sounds like good option, but not available for O11.

"Web Previewer"  works well with O11. Feature wise it has everything. Only point to concern is it uses public Google APIs.