[Ultimate PDF] RepeatHeading WebBlock is duplicating headings for new rows

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Published on 23 May by Leonardo Fernandes
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Published on 23 May by Leonardo Fernandes


I'm using UltimatePDF for my client's app to generate a pdf with a list of people with a table records (this is, a table inside of a list). We want to repeat the second header, which is the person entry in the list, whenever the list has to continue to another page. However, when we use RepeatHeading web block, we notice an overlay of the header expression by itself, whenever a new person urges on the list.

This is the overlay issue, since it is a new entry on the list:

And this is the continuation of the previous one, on another page, but appears correctly, this is, without overlay:

Have someone encountered this issue as well? How did you fix it?

Thank you advance,


Hi Ana,

The issue is not clear to me. I see all three images are exactly same. Am I missing anything?

Hello Ana.

What are you placing on the Heading and Content placeholders of the RepeatHeader? Is your "Production Report" on the Heading, or the "13407, Lisa Kuehl, ACC"?

Also, does this happen only when the content breaks into separate pages? Could you share your OML or a PDF generated by it?



Hello Leonardo and Swatantra,

We already found a solution, thank you anyway.

Basically, on the heading of the RepeatHeading web block, we were using a container around the heading "13407, Lisa Kuehl, ACC" and a table for the table heading. On the content we had a list of records (with the specific records of that person). What we did was to remove that container and add another row to the table heading with the person information and maintain the list records on the content.

Thank you :)



Hi Ana,

Thanks for the update and glad it resolved. :)