Does outsystems have any books I can read or download ? cookbooks, etc..

I understand that the industry moves fast but I have no foundation to work off of. 

The tutorials are complex in themselves and the youtube videos are nearly a decade old.



Hello Siavash,

There are no books.
But there are online training courses.

You can start with this one here: https://www.outsystems.com/learn/paths/2/becoming-a-web-developer/

It's a guided path, with video presentations and small tutorials.
And they are not a decade old (these are just a few months old, and are from this year) ;)

They will give you the foundations you are looking for.

If you have problems during the training and needs assistance or have questions, just drop them in the forum.
Lots of people will be more than glad to help you. :)

Hope this helps.



Yeah I took that course already. Still confused

Oh well on the books. There should be some type of books to be used as a guide. 

People learn in many different ways and since this is a totally different way of software development. It is not at all easy to grasp.

Thanks anyway

Hi Siavash,

It is true. People learn in different ways. And I myself prefer books. 

But to write a book that "works" so people can learn from it requires a huge effort and a lot of knowledge.
Also, it seems that the number of people that are happy with the online videos and classrooms is much bigger than the ones that are not happy.

This creates a big problem to make a book a reality. I myself started one, but I don't have the time (for now), to continue the project. 

Too much work. Too little perspective of being compensated by the time spent on it...
I bet there are others like me... :(

In any case, if you have questions, put them here in the forum, and we try to clear the concepts for you.